2017, Issue 2

Creation date: 26.7.2017



Public-Private Partnership: Prospects for Development - The Case of Bulgaria

The immediate objective of the current study is to outline the perspectives for PPPs in Bulgaria which stem from the foreseen changes to the current regulatory framework managing these public relations.

Exploring attitudes towards learning and academic motivational orientations of students in the early stage of their higher education

In light of the growing moral disorientation in Europe, and especially in the context of the Bulgarian crisis of values, working with every new group of students becomes more and more specific and challenging. Along with mature, responsible, and curious young people every year, there come students, who do not regard class attendance as important, and who show below average academic performance. This tendency is not unique to our university; based on research and experience, it could be said that…

Regional disparities - a prerequisite for or problem in developing of regions?

At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century under the influence of globalization, a number of regional factors began to exert an increasing influence on the socio- political and economic development of the individual countries. While most of the conceptions of globalization are associated with the creation of a comprehensive global system that "unifies" the world in a political, social and economic aspect, "in the face of its unsettling tendencies",…

Taxation and social justice

The relevance of questions about the redistributive processes (in particular, about taxation) in the world, the European Union and Bulgaria is very often associated with the democratic requirement for greater social justice. This fact has also been noted by the classics of political economy. In modern economic theory, justice is viewed as multidimensional: as horizontal justice, such as vertical justice, as fairness of tax-paying opportunities and fairness in relation to end consumption.

The Impact of New Technology and Innovation on the Courier and Local Delivery Services

This publication is dedicated to the impact of new technologies and innovation on courier & local delivery services. The topic is relevant as it studies the changes that occur as a result of the deregulation of the European markets and the increasing worldwide competition in the supply of courier services as well as the increased demand for specific services. The publication examines the most important technologies, which have major impact directly on the processes and the delivery industry

Social Enterprises - Modernity and Traditions

Since the 1980s the issues of social enterprises have gained particular popularity, practical and applied, as well as scientific significance. For a short period of time - almost half a century - social enterprises have become an integral part of education programs and academic research; they have turned into factors affecting noticeably the social and economic policy. The formation and development of social enterprises are the consequence of the profound social, demographic, cultural, global…

Performance analysis of healthcare systems in European countries

Measuring efficiency in the utilization of public resources has become one major Abstract: concern of national and regional governments, both in developed and underdeveloped countries. The objective of this paper is to present the results of a benchmarking study that measured efficiency of the national healthcare systems in 31 European countries, from 2011 to 2014.

Data were collected from the Eurostat dataset, while Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) was used as a computational…

Lessons Learned from the Development and Implementation of MOOC in Digital and Social Media Marketing

The rapid development of digital technologies and the culture of sharing change the ways in which the educational services are offered. Mass open online courses (MOOCs) are often described as a disruptive innovation in the education. The paper discusses their nature, the different types and MOOCs' development. It analyses the experience of five European universities co-operating under the project JEMSS, financed by Erasmus Long Life Learning Programme of the European Union. The projects aimed…