2017, Issue 3

Creation date: 7.9.2017



Market relevant vocational education and training on standardization in Bulgaria - needs and requirements

In this paper are briefly presented the main results from a research aiming to identify the Bulgarian labor market needs and requirements regarding the provision of the easily accessible tailored education and training related to standardization (especially standards ISO/IEC

27000 and ISO 31000). The research has been conducted in the framework of the international project “International Standards training in VET for promotion of market relevant education” /ISTRA/ ¹ 2016-1-BG01-KA202-023738,…

Quantitative versus qualitative research in its epistemologically ontological tensions, its implications and future trends in management branch of social science under the dogma of the Western business schools

Management studies gained a significant place among the modern branches of social science, as there are more MBA degree holders globally than any other masters'. This branch of study has for many universities became “cash generators” sponsoring other disciplines of the social research.

It is the prevailing dogma of the Western business schools, which due to the historical reasons, prefer quantitative positivist research over the field work of the ethnographers.…

Value creation and value co-creation in professional business services: a challenge in digital environment

The study assumes on the literature and the experts views on knowledge - intensive business services and their ability to provide knowledge and innovation to their customers. Drawing on the concept of the delivering highly expertise knowledge to create value, the professional business services, being large part of knowledge-intensive business services, are discussed from the perspective to value co-create through the relationship with their customers. This conceptual study aims to contribute…

Working attitudes and problems in the professional realization of young people in Bulgaria

The global economic, financial and political crisis in recent years has caused turbulence in all sectors and has affected the fate and employment of many people. The consequences of the crisis have also been painful for young people, facing new challenges in moving from education to employment, including job hardship, long-term unemployment and social exclusion. The topic of youth employment is particularly discussed and one of the most pressing issues for the country as well as for Europe as…

Prerequisites and realization of the interaction in the system of the tax and social insurance control

 In the strategic planning and actual implementation of the activity of the National Revenue Agency (NRA) in Bulgaria, since its establishment – so far, considerable attention has been paid to the issues related to the interaction (cooperation, partnership) with the executive, judicial and legislative bodies in The country; With business, branch and other non-governmental organizations; With the media; The European Union institutions, the revenue administrations of other countries,…

Guaranteed minimum income debate

Discussion of a guaranteed income reminds us of what a just and fair society must guarantee to everyone: an adequate degree of unconditional economic independence. The debate over a guaranteed income points out some of the key necessary ingredients of economic security for all people. But a guaranteed income alone cannot satisfy the full scope of collective and public responsibility a just society bears for the wealth of its population.

MRW model of growth: foundation, developments, and empirical evidence

The paper focuses on the neoclassical model of growth with human capital Abstract: developed by Mankiw, Romer and Weil (1992) as one of the most widely used theoretical model and estimation tool in the studies which examine the sources of economic growth. A mathematical description of both the steady state and the short-run dynamics is presented. Additionally, key contributions to the model in relation to structural changes or econometric modifications have been discussed.