Exploring attitudes towards learning and academic motivational orientations of students in the early stage of their higher education

Author: assistant professor Irina Danailova, PhD (UNWE)

Keywords: attitudes towards learning, academic orientations, students

In light of the growing moral disorientation in Europe, and especially in the context of the Bulgarian crisis of values, working with every new group of students becomes more and more specific and challenging. Along with mature, responsible, and curious young people every year, there come students, who do not regard class attendance as important, and who show below average academic performance. This tendency is not unique to our university; based on research and experience, it could be said that we are among the better cases. Under the present circumstances, the teacher's efforts must be designated toward the maturity of the students' perspective (especially in "the new chapter" following their high school graduation, that is, their junior year), in order to be effective and adequate, and not formal. It would be useful for us to become familiar with the values, interpreting tendencies and motivation for studying of the newly enrolled.

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