Market relevant vocational education and training on standardization in Bulgaria - needs and requirements

Author: Chief Assistant Yanislav Zhelev, PhD; Assoc. prof. Evgeniya Nikolova, PhD; Assoc. prof. Mariya Monova-Zheleva, PhD (Burgas Free University)

Keywords: Vocational education and training /VET/, Continuing vocational education and training /C-VET/, e-learning, virtual educational environment /VLE/. Erasmus plus.

In this paper are briefly presented the main results from a research aiming to identify the Bulgarian labor market needs and requirements regarding the provision of the easily accessible tailored education and training related to standardization (especially standards ISO/IEC
27000 and ISO 31000). The research has been conducted in the framework of the international project “International Standards training in VET for promotion of market relevant education” /ISTRA/ ¹ 2016-1-BG01-KA202-023738, which is funded by the EC under the Erasmus+ programme. Section 1
presents the main ISTRA concept for VET in standardization. In Section 2 are described the methodology, scope of the survey, and the used tools. The survey conducted in Bulgaria was attended by 277 respondents a total. From them 84 trainers and 193 are trainees. The selection procedures and profile of the respondents are briefly presented in Section 3. In the last section some conclusions are described.

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