Working attitudes and problems in the professional realization of young people in Bulgaria

Author: Tatyana Kicheva (UNWE, Sofia)

Keywords: young people, youth unemployment, professional realization, working attitudes

The global economic, financial and political crisis in recent years has caused turbulence in all sectors and has affected the fate and employment of many people. The consequences of the crisis have also been painful for young people, facing new challenges in moving from education to employment, including job hardship, long-term unemployment and social exclusion. The topic of youth employment is particularly discussed and one of the most pressing issues for the country as well as for Europe as a whole. In these difficult conditions Bulgaria faces the challenge of finding the means by which to discover and absorb the potential of the younger generation, which due to the current economic situation in the country are prevented from applying their knowledge and skills in practice. The purpose of this article is to reveal what are the problems and causes of the high levels of youth unemployment in Bulgaria and the extent to which young people's attitudes to work affect their careers. The article presents the results of a survey conducted by the author among Bulgarian youths up to 29 years of age about the difficulties encountered in their professional realization.

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