2017, Issue 3

Creation date: 7.9.2017



Quantitative versus qualitative research in its epistemologically ontological tensions, its implications and future trends in management branch of social science under the dogma of the Western business schools

Management studies gained a significant place among the modern branches of social science; there are more MBA degree holders globally than any other masters' (Koenig & Lofstad, 2004) and for many institutions the management schools became “cash generators” sponsoring other disciplines of the social research (Bonoma, 1985).

Value creation and value co-creation in professional business services: a challenge in digital environment

Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two –and only two – basic functions: marketing and innovation.

Drucker, P. 1954

Working attitudes and problems in the professional realization of young people in Bulgaria

Today's generation of young people face one of the biggest challenges. Since the start of the financial and economic crisis, levels of youth unemployment has reached unprecedented sizes throughout Europe. Since the start of the recession, there has been a significant increase in youth unemployment in all EU Member States.

Prerequisites and realization of the interaction in the system of the tax and social insurance control

Since the establishment of the National Revenue Agency (NRA) - so far in its strategic plans for development an important place is occupied by the planned activities and events related to the achievement of efficient and coordinated interaction (co-operation, partnership) with the executive, judicial and legislative authorities in the country; with the business, branch and other non-governmental organizations;

Guaranteed minimum income debate

The idea of a guaranteed income has a long history in political and economic thought. It has three historical roots: the idea of a minimum income first appeared at the beginning of the 16th century (Thomas More, Johanes Ludovicus Vives);

MRW model of growth: foundation, developments, and empirical evidence

The economics of growth is one of the most popular fields of study in both theoretical and empirical economics. There are two main strands of models which try to find sources of long-run growth in the contemporary economies: the neoclassical growth model and endogenous model of growth (Romer 1986, Lucas 1988).